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Global Gases Australia On-Site Laboratory

Conveniently located at 3 Halley Road, Balcatta WA

Global Gases Australia maintain a fully equipped, on-site Laboratory to assess product conformance in our growing range of pure and blended gas mixtures.

In managing and verifying batches of high-quality finished products a laboratory is an essential investment in any true Industrial and Special Gases business.

If you have a need to obtain a COC or COA for your products or to analyse another suppliers product for potential impurities, please give us a call.

Product Conformity Cert

Gas Cylinder Safety

Registered Gas Cylinder Test Station – A49

Periodic inspection and testing of gas cylinders is a legal requirement in Australia. GGA is a Registered Cylinder Test Station as per AS2337.1, (DNV-GL approved).

Given the rough handling and at times misuse many cylinders undergo, you need to be assured when you swap your empty cylinder for a replacement, your supplier has the expertise to internally/externally inspect, and verify compliance.

Hydro-Static Testing / Re-certification Service

As an additional service to all our customers, GGA have installed the latest in computerised technology via Galiso, (USA) and takes the guess-work out of gas cylinder pressure testing where we test up to 45,000kpa or 450b, (at 32psi, a car tyre is only 220kpa pressure FYI !).

High-pressure gas cylinders require periodic pressure testing under Australian Standards and Worksafe Reg’s. We pressure test and stamp conforming cylinders prior to being re-introduced as per
AS 2030 standard.

DNV Approved Hydro-Static Test Station

Global Gases Australia - Cylinder Hydro Testing

Welding Gases and Shielding Gases

Global Gases offers a complete range of Welding, Cutting & Purging Gases in both pure and mixtures to suit your applications and procedures.

The gases are supplied in a range of cylinder sizes, filled to 200bar or 300 bar, as required.

The gases supplied include Pure gases and Gas mixtures for specialised welding applications, examples are as follows;

. High Purity Argon – TIG Stainless / Ali MIG
. High Purity Argon/ CO2/Oxygen Carbon Steel MIG
. Ar + CO2 mixtures – Flux Core Welding
. He + Ar mixture – GTAW Stainless / Ali MIG
. Helium, Argon CO2 – Stainless GMAW
. Industrial Oxygen – Carbon Steel Cutting
. HP Industrial Nitrogen – Purging

Our fully equipped laboratory analyses products for compliance against our specifications, including AS and AWS for the welding gases and mixtures.

Global Gases Australia - Welding and Shielding Gases
Global Gases Australia - Welding and Shielding Gases

Oil & Gas / Subsea Industry

Global Gases Group (Dubai) companies, develop, package and supply a wide range of Diving, Purging and Welding Gases for the Oil & Gas Industry, both Onshore / Offshore. 

Global Gases Group are a member of IMCA, (International Marine Contractors Association).

For further information on Global Gases Group Companies and Services, please see www.globalgases.com.

Specialty Gases

A wide range of high purity gases, gas mixtures, gaseous chemicals and other gases and equipment for Laboratories, Research, Environmental and High Technology applications.

Customers in these and many other Sectors depend on us for reliable supply of high-purity process gases and gas handling equipment to maintain efficient production.

We provide support in every phase of Specialty Gas selection and delivery, including:

Process Piping, Distribution Design and Installation, Applications Engineering, Turn-key Installations and On-Site Services.

These capabilities enable Global Gases Group to deliver truly comprehensive solutions to improve system efficiencies and process yields.

Pure Gases

Industrial and high purity, helium, argon, nitrogen, and oxygen for use across a wide range of applications

Global Gases fills and supplies these gases in both cylinders, Packs and as cryogenic liquids according to the volumes and gas purities required by the customer.

We supply a wide range of applications and industries including Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Food and Beverage, Metal Production, Environmental Monitoring and Protections, Research and High Technology Manufacturing.